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How does the carbon neutral order work?

EcoCart is a checkbox option in the payment process and offers to add a few extra HUF (240,-) to your order to make it carbon neutral.

Carbon offset funds are directed to certified carbon offset projects such as planting trees or building wind farms. We have scoured the world for carbon offset projects that are truly additive (ie new), permanent. All our projects are independently certified according to internationally recognized standards. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, we are proud that all our projects include social good, such as protecting an endangered animal species or creating local jobs.

EcoCart, Inc.

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Global forestry projects

About the EcoCart global forestry project

This portfolio includes a range of forestry-based carbon offset projects – from reforestation to conservation and better forest management. These projects are taking place around the world in North America, Asia, Africa and South America. By supporting this portfolio, you can finance projects such as McCloud River Conservation, Doe Mountain and Chestnut Mountain Forestry, Afognak Forest Conservation, Acre Amazon Rainforest Protection, Great Bear Rainforest in Canada, Mai Ndombe Forest Protection in Congo, Gola Rainforest Protection in Sierra Leone, and many other valuable and impactful projects. With this portfolio, you can support several projects in countries and communities around the world.

Learn how EcoCart's projects are working to combat climate change.

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  • It reduces the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by providing protected trees and plants worldwide that can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • It provides safe and protected habitat for wildlife around the world by practicing sustainable forest and timber management that reduces wildlife habitat loss.

  • It protects the local water supply as a natural filter, providing clean water for local communities.

  • It supports projects that provide jobs and educational opportunities for local people.

Certified carbon standard

Founded in 2005, Verra is a global leader helping to tackle the world's toughest environmental and social challenges by developing and managing standards that help the private sector, countries and civil society achieve ambitious sustainable development and climate policies. in achieving goals. Verra's global standards and frameworks serve as a link to direct funding to high-impact activities that address today's most pressing environmental issues.