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Elastic babyboomer - brushable artificial nail building gel collection 3x15ml

13.990 Ft

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The real, brush Baby Boomer Set.

No more searching and no more uncertainty! The collection with which you can create the perfect baby boomer nail.


Spray the prepared nail with Perfect Prep - Preparation Liquid Spray. Apply the Elastic Cover Gel to the nail bed, then wash it with an ombre brush towards the free wind and tie it half way. Apply the Fiber Vitamine Gel to the free edge and make a subtle transition to the nail bed with an ombre brush, then tie it half way. Cover the entire nail with Elastic Milky Pink Gel and, if necessary, make a "C" curve, then tie it completely. Fix the surface of the nail with Aroma Cleaner, then if necessary
finely grate the surface and cover it with flexible shine gel (Speed ​​& Shine Top Gel).

CURING TIME: UV 2 minutes, UV/LED 60 seconds


In order to create the perfect color transition, get our Sponge Ombre brush with the set.


Builder gel polish. It is flexible and brushable, like varnish gel, and also thick and strong, like an artificial nail builder gel.

The new generation of brushable artificial nail gels, extra dense, providing a strong hold, flexible and soluble. It can be used as a gel polish base, as a base gel, as a nail strengthener, nail leveler, and as a building gel for nail extension and C-curve formation. It's flexible, but it doesn't bend! Bomb-proof adhesion, can be used without a primer, so it is especially gentle on nails! It spreads perfectly, so it has a surface leveling effect on uneven nails. After fixation, it remains shiny and smooth.


  • brush base and building gel in one
  • thick consistency
  • slightly flexible (so it doesn't bend)
  • bendable (during construction)
  • strong, thick base (strong hold)
  • also suitable for template nail construction
  • self-leveling (light work)
  • does not flow (keeps its shape even during knitting)
  • also suitable for nail extension and C-curve formation
  • suitable for nail correction
  • soluble
  • can be grated with minimal dust
  • surface leveler (uneven nail, nail groove)
  • bombproof grip
  • fast and economical (1 step less without primer)
  • shiny surface and smooth (after fixing!)
  • can also be used alone (for nail strengthening, construction)
  • nail protector (kinder to nails without primer)


  • Varnish gel base: Excellent colorless base, forms a much stronger, thicker, yet flexible, soluble layer than the previous bases. After knitting, there is no need to fix it at all.
  • Powerful nail strengthener : It can be used alone or under nail polish for manicures and pedicures to strengthen your own nails gently (without primer). It protects the natural nails from external influences and mechanical damage, and the nail polish remains much more durable on its surface. (While the Bond Gel Vitamine+ only forms a thin protective layer, the Hardener Gel helps to grow the nail with a thicker reinforcement, while the Elastic Hard Gel, in addition to a stronger reinforcement, also provides the opportunity to lengthen the nail and form a C-curve, as if it were a building gel.) Extremely it binds to a flexible and shiny surface, so it can be used on its own and it is not necessary to apply anything else. When used alone and wiped with Gel Cleaner before filing, complete fixation is required after bonding.
  • Powerful nail leveler (self-leveling): It is an excellent solution for problematic nails (e.g. spoon nails), because it has a surface leveling function due to its density and spread, and binds to a smooth surface.
  • Powerful nail correction: Excellent for replacing broken nails or nail corners with longer nails.
  • More powerful nail extension: it can be extended up to 5-7 mm on a template, it does not bend but flexibly follows the shape of the nail and provides a strong hold
  • C-curve construction (its thick texture keeps its shape, does not flow. It can also be bent)
  • Artificial nail effect with a fast, 2-step construction technique.

Curing time: 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp, 30-60 seconds in an LED lamp

Texture after knitting/fixing:

After bonding, a minimal precipitating dispersion layer is formed. Therefore, it is not necessary to fix it if another material is applied to it, but if it is used alone or filed, then it is necessary to wipe it with a fixing liquid and completely fix it.

Surface/gloss after knitting: After knitting, the surface is shiny and smooth.

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