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Perfect Nails

Nail sticker - 3D Sunny Flowers

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Product description

Perfect Nails

Nail sticker - 3D Sunny Flowers

Water nail sticker with trendy, tropical leaves, golden effect.

If, as a nail technician, you do not yet have sufficient experience in implementing more complicated guest requests and designs, call on one of our ever-renewing stickers for help.

Its water-based formula allows for easy application so that your guests can leave the salon with extravagant nails in no time. Durable, up to 4-5 weeks, wear-free and wrinkle-free.

Advantages of nail stickers

  • Trendy patterns,
  • Quick decoration,
  • Spectacular nails,
  • Easy installation,
  • Guest favorite color scheme.

Using a nail sticker

The stickers can be easily applied with water.

  1. Remove the protective film, then cut the selected shape to size.
  2. Place the cut motif in water for 5 seconds.
  3. Carefully remove excess water from the sticker removed from the water, using gentle pressing movements.
  4. Then carefully remove the back paper as well.
  5. Place and smooth the sticker onto the bonded, still sticky gel polish surface.
  6. If necessary, remove the unnecessary part with a fine file in vertical movements.
  7. Finally, cover the nail surface with one or two layers of glitter gel, depending on how thick our sticker is.

Perfect tip

For Sunny Flowers stickers, Copacabana in colorful cocktail colors is used, and for Fancy Forest, Tropical Chaos, which evokes a tropical atmosphere, is the finishing gel polish base! The Titanium Universal Scissors - Galaxy Crane Bird are recommended for cutting out the stickers, while the Galaxy tweezers make it easier to apply the stickers.

Would you like to take your decorating technique to a higher level? We recommend our 2in1 printing gels and printing plates, which form a transition between even more complicated hand-painted motifs and trendy, detailed sticker motifs.

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We trust that you understand and respect our policy above, and that you will continue to be happy to shop with us. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service.

Payment methods
  • Cash on delivery (cash or bank card at the courier) - HUF 490
  • Online bank card - free
  • Bank transfer - free of charge
  • PayPal - Free
  • Apple Pay - free


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Nail sticker - 3D Sunny Flowers
Nail sticker - 3D Sunny Flowers

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