CN körömmatrica - silent night
CN körömmatrica (CN-04)
CN körömmatrica - magic time
CN körömmatrica 3D - snow much fun
SENS ICE FLAKE base gel - White
CN körömmatrica 3D - cozy christmas
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SENS METALLIC decor gel - Gold 5ml
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Xtreme Half Square Reverse Clear Tip Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel-hez - 120db
3 STEP CrystaLac - 3S203
Canni Hema Free gél lakkok


This high-quality product is gentle on your nails, as it has a HEMA-free formula.

SENS METALLIC decor gel - Mirror silver
Tiger Eye Silk CrystaLac - Plum
Tiger Eye Silk CrystaLac - Coffee
Brush Tip Glue PRO - 7,5g
Tiger Eye Silk CrystaLac - Chestnut
Moisturising Hand, Foot and Body Lotion - Cinnamon & Cocoa - Intense
SENS ICE FLAKE base gel - Blue
Tiger Eye Silk CrystaLac - Steel
CN körömmatrica (CN-05)
SENS ICE FLAKE base gel - Black
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3 STEP CrystaLac - 3S201
Elegance 3 STEP CrystaLac készlet (4x4ml)
SENS METALLIC decor gel - Rose 5ml
3 STEP CrystaLac - 3S202
Royal Top Gel RT16
Royal Top Gel RT15
3 STEP CrystaLac - 3S204
Crystal Nails Liquid tartó - fekete
Crystal Nails Liquid tartó - fehér
Royal Top Gel RT14
Royal Top Gel RT13