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Art Foil Glue - Transfer foil glue

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    The glue can be used to stick the transfer foil to the nail.

    Try the latest fashion in nail art. THE nail transfer film is also suitable for decorating nails and artificial nails. It can be used to decorate any artificial nail material and nail polish. Special and fashionable nail decorations can be created with the transfer foils, the glittering nail patterns provide great opportunities for nail decoration. The transfer foils in the online store are of high quality, easy and simple to use. This new trend in nail decoration is becoming more and more popular, which you should try.

    Using the nail transfer film:
    1. Mattify the surface of the nail or artificial nail, clean it thoroughly so that the transfer foil adhesive (not artificial nail adhesive) adheres to your nail as much as possible.
    2. Apply the transfer foil adhesive in a thin layer to the desired nail surface. Wait until the bluish light turns transparent.
    3. Smooth the transfer foil onto it, preferably so that you don't touch the matte part of the foil.
    4. Wait a bit, then pull the foil off the nail with a firm movement.

    Transfer film adhesive should be kept in a dry, cool place, protected from sunlight, and out of the reach of children.

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    Art Foil Glue - Transzferfólia ragasztó

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