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Bond Gel Vitamine - Vitamin base gel

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A thin, adhesion-enhancing base gel that helps the adhesion of various artificial nail materials and gel polishes and prevents them from separating. Compared to traditional artificial nail bases, it is thinner, more flexible, dissolves better and has a protective effect on nails. During artificial nail construction, it provides bomb-proof adhesion even in the case of problematic nails.


  • Thin consistency
  • Breath thin base
  • Flexible
  • Dissolvable
  • It helps adhesion and prevents peeling
  • Nail protective layer: thinner and more soluble than traditional bases
  • It contains vitamins


SETTING TIME: UV lamp: 2 minutes, UV/LED lamp: 30-60 seconds

SURFACE AFTER BONDING : After bonding, a minimal precipitating dispersion layer is formed. It is not necessary to fix it if another gel or gel varnish is applied to its surface. If it stays on its own or nail polish gets on it, it needs to be fixed. After fixing, the surface is not shiny, but matte and rough, so it adheres perfectly.

REMOVAL: It can be dissolved, so it can be removed with acetone / nail polish remover after fluffing the surface.

PERFECT TIP: For guests with extremely problematic nails, use the Hardener Gel after applying the Bond Gel Vitamine+.

Ideas for use:

Gel polish / Lacquer gel base: It forms a thinner layer that dissolves better than previous bases, so when used under gel polish, it provides an even more natural varnished effect for manicures and pedicures! After knitting, it is not necessary to fix it, because gel varnish is applied.

With nail-strengthening and nail-protecting vitamin content: It can be used alone as a thin nail-protecting and nail-strengthening layer for manicures and pedicures, and can be applied to nail polish. On its surface, the nail polish remains much more durable. When used on its own or before nail polish, it must be fixed, i.e. wipe the sticky surface with Gel Cleaner fixative.

Adhesion-supporting primer for problematic nails (even under other foundations or building gels).
It can also be used under flexible base gels and special flexible gels (Only under flexible base materials, because traditional building gels are too stiff, so they separate from it!)
Tip: By using two types of base gel together, even more secure adhesion can be achieved with problematic nails. In this case, we do not fix the surface
Base and building gels that can be used for Bond Gel, for example: Hardener Gel nail strengthening gel, Elatic Hard Gel brushable building gel, LacGel Base & Top gel polish base, Premium Gel elastic building gel

ATTENTION: Keep away from heat and light (including natural UV light filtering through windows). For professional use. Use only as prescribed.

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