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CANNI - Tempered Top gel light gel 225g - refill

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    Product description
    CANNI Tempered Top Gel - Extra durable, flexible light gel

    The extra durable, flexible and non-fixing CANNI Tempered Top Gel light gel forms a durable and scratch-resistant protective layer on the nail, protecting it from mechanical damage. Thanks to its flexibility, any material can be covered with it.

    Curing time: 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp, 1 minute in an LED lamp.

    ❤ For professional use only.
    ❤ May cause an allergic reaction.
    ❤ Keep away from children.

    Why are there color differences between the real products and the images displayed on the computer?

    The pictures are taken under different light background and displayed on different displays, so it is normal that there is a color difference between the real products and the pictures. However, the colors we present are 99% true to reality.

    How do I use CANNI Soak off UV & LED nail gel polish?

    1) Wash your hands, wipe your nails and remove the nail bed.

    2) Apply the thin CANNI base layer, set in a UV/LED lamp for 1-2 minutes.

    3) Apply a thin layer of CANNI color and cure for 2 minutes in a UV/LED lamp.

    4) Apply another layer of color, then set for 2 minutes in a UV/LED lamp.

    5) Apply the CANNI strengthening gel, then set it for 3 minutes in a UV/LED lamp.

    6) Apply the CANNI top coat, then cure for 3 minutes in a UV/LED lamp.

    7) Wipe the surface of the nail with fixative for perfect shine.

    If you use an LED lamp, the curing time should be 30-60 seconds each time.

    How can I prevent wear and tear?

    Nail preparation is essential before applying the gel. Make sure your nails are completely dry and free of grease. Gently file the surface of the nail with a buffer, this helps the gel adhere properly to the nail. Another important step is to brush the edges of the color and topcoat horizontally along the edge of the nail. This helps prevent wear and tear that can lead to separation.

    Tips to avoid wear and tear:

    1. Before applying, polish your nails evenly, remove the nail polish remover and make sure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free.

    2. Do not apply gel to the skin or nail bed.

    3. When you apply the color and top gel, do not go beyond the limits of the base gel.

    4. Cover the edge of the nail with the cover gel to seal the color well, draw it back and forth horizontally with the brush.

    5. Using the Pre-dehydrator can extend the life of your gel polish.

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