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LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny

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Product description

Perfect Nails LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer 8ml - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny

Already in the new LaQ X bottle and with the X-brush!
X as an extra color experience! This means that its colors are up to 30% more pigmented and its gel polishes with a creamier texture provide an X-experience that allows you to perfect your gel polish technique. We surprise you from time to time with truly seductive, hot, intense colors and constantly expanding collections! Isn't it fantastic?
Our new development is accompanied by a special procedure. With the "dry" Russian brush technique, you can learn to use our LaQ X gel polishes in the easiest and most economical way. Master all the small movements of this special method within the framework of our soon-to-be-started LaQ X technical Workshops, and work precisely, time-savingly, with extremely pigmented colors.

NEW! - 2021 design gel polish bottle and the X-brush!

Our new bottles and brushes are now available not only in our LaQ X gel lacquer product line, so he also brought the X-brush used for the "dry" Russian brush technique and his special bottle with him! Why is it so great?
  • Color sample cap: Actual color presentation, so you can easily find your favorites in your account!
  • Silk-matt cap: Non-slip grip even in the sweatiest position.
  • X-brush: Its precise cut is simply perfect, child's play with the fan-shaped shape of the perfect varnish.
  • Design glass: Its elegant design and wider shape fit better than ever.
ATTENTION! Before use, it must be shaken or mixed with a spatula for uniform pigment distribution.

Properties of LacGel LaQ X:

A family of gel polishes with a creamy texture and a soft spread, which forms a transition between colored gels and nail polishes. Scratch-, abrasion- and peeling-free results lasting up to 3-4 weeks! Ideal for manicure, pedicure, on top of artificial nails, nail decoration. It requires a base and cover light.
  • Texture: medium thick (3)
  • Flexibility: flexible (2)
  • Solubility: not soluble (1)
  • Bonding: 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp/30-60 seconds in an LED lamp
  • Texture/fixation after setting: After setting, a precipitation dispersion layer is formed.
  • Surface/gloss after bonding: After bonding (fixing), the surface is matte. (number 4 = light gel is required.)
  • Removal: with a file

How to use it?

  1. Preparation: Peeling, scraping, nail shaping, fluffing: preparation of the nail surface with a fine buffer.
  2. Cleanser/preparation: Cleaning, degreasing and dewatering the nail with Perfect Prep preparation liquid.
  3. Adhesion promoter: (optional step) If necessary, Perfect Bond Primer adhesion promoter liquid adhesive film can be used for even better adhesion. (after 20 seconds of drying time, the surface remains sticky for good adhesion) ATTENTION: This ensures better adhesion in case of problematic nails and greater stress, but it prevents loosening.
  4. Base gel: Forms an adhesive layer, strengthens the natural nail and prevents the discoloration of your own nail. Recommended for colorless base layer gels: LacGel Base&Top / Bond Gel Vitamine+ / Hardener Gel / Elastic Hard Gel
  5. Bonding: Bonding time and method based on the specifications of the selected base gel.
  6. Color: Apply a thin layer of colored LacGel LaQ X with lacquering movements, being careful not to get it on the skin. ATTENTION: it must be applied thinly!
  7. Knitting: It is recommended to knit one finger at a time, alternating hands, so that the nail edges are covered by the material!
  8. Overlay: Binding time and method based on the specification of the selected overlay. Recommended gloss gels for lacquer gel: LacGel Base&Top / Flexi Top Gloss / Cool Shine Ever / Extreme Gloss
  9. Bonding: Fixative light gel must be used after bonding.

Perfect tip

The nail can be made more durable in 2 ways:
  • By using 2 types of base gel together, e.g. Bond Gel Vitamine + binding + Hardener Gel or Elastic Hard Gel under the color.
  • For problem nails, Perfect Bond primer can be used after Perfect Prep. This will make it harder to unlock!


Use a 180 file to open the cover light, then soak the cotton in the film with acetone and place the release film on the fingers. After the expiration date, remove the foil. After removing the foil, we push the dissolved material down with an orange stick or a metal skin scraper. The released material remains completely in the foil.

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LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny
Perfect Nails LacGel LaQ X Gél Lakk 8ml - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny
LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny
LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny
LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny
LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Hi, Rosy! X111 - Honey Bunny

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