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PolyAcryl Gel Prime - Tubular Polygel - Cover Nude 60g

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Color – Cover Nude
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PolyAcryl Gel Prime - Tubular Polygel

The lightness of artificial nail gel, with the stability of porcelain artificial nail material, is this tubular colored acrylic gel.

It has an extremely thick consistency, but it can be shaped easily, even indefinitely. Its unique composition combines the best properties of gels and porcelains. Artificial nails with bomb-proof adhesion can be produced, even in quick artificial nail salon work. It is suitable for strengthening own nails, artificial nails or inverse type artificial nails. During bonding, polymerization does not generate heat, so it does NOT burn.

Why is PolyAcryl Gel Prime so special?

  • It must be spread over the surface of the nail using a porcelain molding technique,
  • It can be applied in a few steps,
  • It does not flow and is easy to grate,
  • It binds under the influence of UV, UV/LED light,
  • Excellent adhesion without a base layer, just use a preparatory liquid.

How do we use polygel, or AcrylGel in another name?

The required amount of polyacrylgel is squeezed out of the tube and placed on the surface of the prepared nail plate. Dip your brush into the Perfect Acrylgel Solution, soak it well on a paper towel so that the brush remains only wet. Then spread the Acrylgel Prime on the surface of the nail using porcelain techniques. Put it in a UV/LED lamp. After tying, remove the sticky layer with fixing liquid. After filing, before applying light gel, wipe the surface of the nail with Perfect Prep.

Perfect tip

Dip the brush into Perfect AcrylGel Solution if the material starts to stick to the bristles of the brush. You can use the AcrylGel Tip set for construction.

ATTENTION! Excessive use can dilute the material and possibly cause separation and small bubbles.

PHASE: single phase | HEAT TRAINING: almost no | CURING TIME: UV 4-5 minutes, UV/LED 2 minutes

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PolyAcryl Gel Prime - Tubusos Polygel - Cover Nude 60g
PolyAcryl Gel Prime - Tubular Polygel - Cover Nude 60g

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