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Venalisa UV/LED Gel Varnish 7.5 ml - 910

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    Get to know the Venalisa gel varnish family, which was developed alongside the premium quality products of the CANNI factory, at a more favorable price. The super quality of the product line is due to the many developments it has already undergone. The brand is known and recognized in almost every country. The bottles of the gel polish reflect the color inside, so you can easily find the shade you want. The colors are highly pigmented and look great on any skin tone. Use a base gel underneath! It is compatible with all base gels, but if you want to be sure, choose CANNI or Venalisa base gels. Many more pigmented colors cover beautifully in just one coat. Use the flexible light gel! It is compatible with all light gels, but if you are looking for reliable quality, CANNI or Venalisa light gels will be the best choice. The curing time is 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp and 1 minute in an LED lamp. Important note: Recommended for professional use only. It can cause an allergic reaction, so it should be kept out of the reach of children.

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    How long does the Venalisa gel polish last?

    When applied correctly and cared for properly, Venalisa gel polish can last up to 3 weeks without significant chipping or peeling. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the health of the nail, individual lifestyle and the correct application technique.

    Tips to prevent gel polish from chipping and peeling?

    Proper nail preparation: Make sure your nails are properly prepared before applying gel polish. This includes shaping, filing and polishing the nail to remove any edges or bumps. A smooth nail surface helps the gel polish adhere better and reduces the risk of chipping.

    Thin, even layers: Apply thin, even layers of the gel polish. Thick layers can lead to uneven drying and increase the chance of chipping or peeling. Remember to cure each layer under a UV or LED lamp before applying the next layer.

    Seal the edges: When applying each layer of gel polish, base coat and top coat, make sure to "seal" the free edge of the nail by running the brush horizontally across the tip. This seals in the color and creates a protective barrier against chipping.

    Why does the gel polish have a slight smell?

    Our products do not contain chemicals that would remove the smell, so a small amount of rubber smell can be felt. However, after drying, there is no smell and it is not harmful to the body.

    Why is the gel bubbly or grainy after drying?

    It is applied too quickly or the mouth of the bottle is not clean before use.

    How to avoid wrinkles?

    Clean the nail surface thoroughly before the manicure. During application, the layer of gel should not be too thick. When tying with the lamp, do not remove your hand before the jelly has completely dried. Otherwise, shrinkage or wrinkling may occur.

    How to store gel polish?

    Store in a cool place. Keep away from sunlight or LED or UV light.

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    Venalisa UV/LED Gél Lakk 7.5 ml - 910
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