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Meru Muscle Relaxing Massage Cream - 1000ml

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    Product description

    Discover MERU - Muscle Relaxing, Regenerating Massage Cream - 1000 ml - The perfect choice for relaxing and regenerating muscles in the web store!

    Muscle-relaxing, regenerating massage cream for strained muscles. Recommended for the relief of cramps and muscle fever after training and competitions, and for the prevention of strains and other sports injuries. It reduces the feeling of fatigue, refreshes and accelerates the regeneration of overworked body parts. Paraffin-free, paraben-free cream based on vegetable oil and shea butter, specially developed for athletes. Thus, it does not form a film-like layer and does not block the pores, but allows the skin to breathe. Rich in natural plant ingredients, it does not contain synthetic fragrances. Its active ingredient is methyl salicylate and herbs: black nightshade, arnica, juniper, rosemary, tiger grass.

    Natural plant ingredients

    It is rich in natural plant ingredients and the active ingredient methyl salicylate, which is typically a common ingredient in pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory preparations. It is absorbed through the skin and, accompanied by a slight feeling of warmth, helps to relax the members and problems caused by stiffness. It has a characteristic smell and has a muscle relaxing effect. Rosemary relaxes and soothes tired muscles, arnica and evening primrose are regenerating, enhance local circulation and can reduce muscle spasms, and methyl salicylate and tiger grass are beneficial for muscle problems. Olive oil and shea butter provide the right massage cream and skin care.

    Its application

    Apply the desired amount of cream to clean, undamaged skin and massage.


    • Invigorating: Mild warming, blood-invigorating sensation
    • Muscle relaxant: with its special ingredients, the massage technique helps to relax tense, strained muscles.
    • Regenerative: recommended to relieve muscle fever, prevent strains and other sports injuries. It reduces the feeling of fatigue, refreshes and accelerates the regeneration of overworked body parts.

    Active ingredients: Methyl salicylate, Evening primrose, Arnica, Rosemary, Tiger grass (centenella), Juniper, Horse chestnut, Calendula, Shea butter, Olive oil

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    Meru Izomlazító masszázskrém - 1000ml
    Meru Muscle Relaxing Massage Cream - 1000ml

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