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Perfect Nails

PolyAcryl Gel Soft - In Jar - Milky White

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Color – Milky White
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Product description

Perfect Nails

Use it to the last drop! Combining the advantages of gel and porcelain techniques. Truly odorless porcelain technology with the benefits of jelly!

Its unique composition and thick texture combine the most advantageous properties of gels and porcelains. With this odorless technique, easy-to-shape, bomb-proof, durable nails can be produced even in quick salon work. Thanks to its packaging in a jar, it can be dispensed easily and accurately with a spatula without any loss of material, since you only take out of the jar as much as is really needed, so that even the last drop of jelly can be used.

The advantage of jar packaging compared to tube packaging:

  • Easier to administer
  • It does not bind to the beak of the tube,
  • The entire amount of material can be used without loss of material,
  • Super fast salon work,
  • It can be applied in just a few steps, like porcelain,
  • Easy to shape,
  • Can be formatted for an unlimited time,
  • cures in UV and LED lamps,
  • It adheres perfectly without a base layer - just use preparatory liquids,
  • Easy to grate like jelly,
  • Excellent material for filing smile lines,
  • Easy to create color transitions,
  • The visual world of porcelain nails,
  • The lightness of jelly with the stability of porcelain,
  • Suitable for strengthening your own nails, for built-up nails or tip technique,
  • Easy-to-use jar packaging,
  • Affordable packaging,
  • You don't need to tie each finger, with the dense material the whole thing stays firmly in place, it doesn't flow.

Super-thick construction gel with which truly odorless, porcelain-effect nails can be created. It can be shaped for an unlimited time, as it only cures in a UV/LED lamp. Similar to porcelain, the nail can be made in a few steps and is easy to file. Easy to wear, yet stable end result.

We recommend it for strengthening your own nails, for built-up nails and tip technique, it is a perfect choice for filing the smile line and creating color transitions.

Frequently asked questions:

PREPARATION: The nails must be prepared in the same way as if we were using gel or porcelain nail building material.
UNDER: It is not necessary to use a foundation gel under AcrylGel. (Just use the usual nail preparations: Perfect Prep and Perfect Bond Primer)
LIQUID: Fixing liquid can be used to moisten the brush. (You do not need the monomer (liquid) used for the acrylic technique
BRUSH: For shaping, we recommend a porcelain brush with natural bristles, but depending on who is used to what, a gel brush can also be used.
KNITTING: The material can be applied to the entire hand at once, it does not need to be tied individually, it stays firmly in place. It also cures under UV and LED light.

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PolyAcryl Gel Soft - In Jar - Milky White
PolyAcryl Gel Soft - In Jar - Milky White
PolyAcryl Gel Soft - In Jar - Milky White
PolyAcryl Gel Soft - In Jar - Milky White

Customer Reviews

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Enikő S. (Hungary)
Kiváló akril gél

Szépen fed, megfelelően pigmentált. Puhább anyag, kicsit könnyen felmelegszik a körmön, emiatt kettesével rakom be a lámpába a körmöket.

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