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Transfer film - Holo Pink

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Perfect Nails Transfer Foil - Holo Pink

50 cm Transfer foil in individual packaging!
Transfer foils are an essential accessory for individual nail decorations, from which you can now purchase your favorite pattern piece by piece! If you want a more restrained, yet characterful appearance, then choose the marble patterns, and if you are looking for a vibrant appearance, then our holo star, silver foils will suit you!
Why do we love it?

  • Quick, yet spectacular nail decoration.
  • Use your creativity, create a transfer film decoration on the entire surface of the nail or only in details.
  • As a supplement, the individual appearance of a line or shape painted with Delux or Spider Gel looks excellent.
  • It adheres perfectly to the gel of the transfer film, so you can create the pattern as you planned!
  • It can be used without scratches, wear or creases!
  • A patchwork effect can be achieved by combining transfer foils of different colors.
  • In 2023, the lace pattern will start to gain ground! Did you know that this can also be reflected on the nails with the transfer foil technique?
How to use it?
Cut out the desired shape from the foil using scissors. After setting the second layer of gel polish, apply Transfer Foil Gel to the entire surface of the nail, then set it in a UV/LED lamp for 1 minute. During this time, prepare the transfer foil and press the matte half into the surface with waxing movements, then remove it.
Perfect TIP
  • Use foil of different colors for a real Patchwork effect.
  • Make sure the transfer film is clean, if it is still dirty, wipe it with Cleaner.
  • It is not recommended to use manicure scissors to cut out nail decorations and templates, as it will damage the edge, so it cannot perform its function for the time expected of it. Regular replacement does not spare our wallet either.
  • The Titanium Crane Bird Scissors were developed as an accessory for nail decorators: they are suitable for cutting the transfer film to shape as well as for stickers and templates.
  • If you like the technique, or if your guests ask for patchwork decoration more often, you should buy our beautiful transfer film set in a larger package, in which you will find 10 pieces in a box!
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Transzferfólia - Holo Pink

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