You managed to apply two coats of polish on your nails and there is no smudging in the polish. Now all you have to do is sit still and wait for the nail polish to dry. :D

But when you have to write emails, pick up your kids, and keep running, you can't afford to have your hands free for long. That's why we gathered our experts to share with us how to dry your nails faster without chipping.

opi nail polish

Choose from the right shade!

Did you know that there are some shades that dry faster than others? If you want a lightning-fast manicure, glitter colors dry the slowest, while yellow nail polish dries the slowest, because the pigment particles are larger.

OPI Drip dry

Try OPI Drip Dry nail polish drying drops!

After a manicure, wait a few minutes, then apply a drop or two of OPI Drip Dry nail polish drying drops to each nail. Within five minutes, you will have a perfect manicure that does not smear, and the care effect is also fantastic.

Hair dryer

Try the hairspray or the hair dryer!

The hair dryer can not only be used to dry your hair, but you can also dry your nails quickly by setting it to a cold setting. Just wait 30 seconds before doing this to avoid surface damage.

OPI rapidry

It's worth investing in a quick-drying topcoat, such as OPI RapiDry Topcoat, which speeds up the drying process, strengthens and protects nails. You can count on the durability, non-yellowing shine and high gloss of the nails.



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