If you had any doubt that red is the color of the month, just take a look around you, and you will immediately be sure that when December arrives, everything (or at least almost everything) is red. Advent calendars and various Christmas decorations, but this is when ugly red Christmas hoodies, fluffy knitted clothes, red stockings and, of course, traditional or shiny red nail polishes and gel polishes emerge from the depths of the closet.

For many centuries, red has been the traditional color of Christmas. Although green and gold appear next to it, the most defining color of the winter holidays is red and all its shades. This is also really popular on other days of the year, a very hot, very feminine color - you could say - one of the most requested shades. Both beginners and more experienced manicurists recommend it to their guests who are sometimes more confused about the right color, but also to those who like to rely on their manicurist's advice in everything (even in the choice of color). You can't go wrong with a red manicure either on weekdays or on festive occasions. A red gel polish brings color, life, and shine to the gray, gloomy days of late autumn and early winter, while the light of the holidays is only enhanced by an elaborate, tasteful red manicure.

Burgundy with character is also a good choice

For those who feel that nails decorated with gingerbread, snowmen, Santa Claus, stars, and Christmas tree motifs are too much, and as the holidays approach, want something simpler and cleaner, a brilliantly beautiful red manicure is also a good choice for them. For those who this year decide to choose an accented festive color instead of a thematic nail painting, we recommend the imaginative shade Red Grape from our The Red Classics series, which is a deep, yet silky character, reminiscent of a full-bodied red wine.

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