Körmös Trendek – 2023 Ősz

Nail Trends - Fall 2023

The fall-winter fashion colors have already appeared on the catwalks, replacing the cheerful summer shades. Classic black and white takes center stage, but colors like red and yellow ensure that you don't have to give up brighter shades when the cooler weather arrives.

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Őszi trendek

Autumn trends

Autumn is a very divisive season, since summer is over, instead of going on vacation, you have to focus on work again, after loose summer clothes, you have to put on warmer clothes, tights, and closed shoes.

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Perfect Nails Miss BonBon gél lakk szett

Give in to temptation and choose the most trendy colors of autumn!

In autumn, not only the color of our clothes changes, but also that of our nails. However, this does not mean that you only have to stick to the traditional, well-used shades every year. The autumn fashion trends appear in our two breathtaking, incomparably sexy collections.

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