Fiberglass building gel - goodbye, split nails!

Our versatile fiberglass base gels have been very popular among our customers for a long time. Rightfully so, as Fiber building gels have many beneficial properties. It is easy and quick to work with these special building gels, and the plus point is that they are not only available in 15 ml packaging, but also in a practical 8 ml version.

The renewed Fiber base gels, turbocharged with the In Vogue design, are available in eight shades, the milky white version, for example, is a great choice if you not only want a good base, but also use it as a trendy colored gel, thus skipping the steps of gel polish. All you need is a good covering gel, either glossy or matte.

What makes Fiber Gel Vitamine so special?

The simplest way to explain it is that it is an artificial nail-building base gel that, as its name suggests, not only nourishes natural nails with vitamins E - B5, but also strengthens them with glass fibers. Since it contains glass fiber, it gives a very good and solid base and a strong hold, making it an ideal choice even if you would use it to build slightly longer nails. This building gel can be used alone as well as with an additional layer of gel polish. Generally, you only need to apply one or two layers of the chosen gel polish, because the right base gives the colored gel polishes a really vibrant coverage.

Building gel with vitamins E and B5

It is well known that one of the obvious signs of vitamin deficiency is that the nails become weak and fragmented. That is why it is important to properly care for our broken nails. Vitamin E not only strengthens the nail plates, but also cares for the nail bed and stimulates natural nail growth. Artificial nail ingredients that also contain vitamin E regenerate cracked nails and cuticles. Vitamin B5 is not only a vitamin for healthy, beautiful skin and hair, but also for nails. One of the best antidotes to paper-thin nail tips is vitamin B5. Fill your nails with the power of fiberglass, which is also available in jars. That's why we recommend it for thin, fragile, weak nails for a bomb-proof hold.


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