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Color Rubber Base Gel - Pink Nude

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Color – Nude
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    Perfect Nails Color Rubber Base gel

    2in1 Color & Base - NUDE favorites in Color Rubber Base!

    The popularity of the Color Rubber Base Gel product line has spread like wildfire among artificial nail professionals. In addition to the glittery, bright summer and darker, gloomy colors, the beautiful and restrained NUDE shades have also arrived! The main feature of the tinted base gel is that it can be colored and used as a base in one step, so it speeds up salon work incredibly! Expand your stock too, as we have added NUDE shades to the delight of fans of the product line!

    Self-spreading gel with strong adhesion and flexible hold. It does not flow into the ramparts, so it is comfortable to work with. Can also be used for filing-free technique.

    What are the benefits?

    • Base and color in one - speeds up salon work
    • Colored base gel function, also suitable for C-shaped reinforcement
    • Self-leveling - even, beautiful surface - for filing-free technique
    • Medium thick texture, does not flow into the walls
    • Strong adhesion
    • Flexible hold
    • There is no need to apply a separate color
    • Surface leveler

    How to use it?

    • As a base layer
    • As a nail strengthener
    • For nail correction
    • For building a shorter nail
    • As a color by itself
    1. Preparation: Skin removal, scraping, nail shaping, preparation of the nail surface with a 180 file.
    2. Cleaning: Cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing, degreasing the nail with Perfect Prep liquid.
    3. Application of Color Rubber base, C-curve design, lighting 90'
    4. Binding - Fixing is not necessary.
    5. Application of flexible light, lighting 90'

    Perfect tip

    You can make the color change even faster if you apply a layer of Builder Rubber Base Gel under the color, so next time you only need to file the surface back up to the clear layer. Then, after proper preparation, you can already apply your guest's chosen Color Rubber Base color!

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    Color Rubber Base Gel - Színezett Alapzselé - Pink Nude
    Color Rubber Base Gel - Pink Nude
    Color Rubber Base Gel - Pink Nude

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