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Perfect Nails

HEMA FREE Lightening gel

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Perfect Nails HEMA-free light gel

REDUCE THE RISK OF ALLERGY! To minimize irritation and allergies.

Hema-free light gel specially for HEMA-free gel polishes and building gels. It is made without irritating additives, so it can also be used by people with allergies. HEMA, DI-HEMA, TPO free, vegan and free of animal testing.

Since it is also free of 19 other irritating ingredients, it is a safer solution for those sensitive to the ingredients of traditional gel polishes! With its use, the probability of allergies can be reduced to a minimum for both the nail specialist and the guest.

  • After knitting, the surface is sticky, so it needs to be fixed.
  • Curing time: 1-1.5 minutes in an LED lamp, 3 minutes in a UV lamp.


  • HEMA and DI-HEMA and TPO free
  • Vegan
  • 19 Toxin-free
  • There is little chance of skin irritation and eczema
  • Less chance of irritation
  • Safer and more natural nail care
  • For both professional salon work and home use
  • Excellent coverage, color intensity
  • Dissolves quickly (5-10 minutes)
  • Almost odorless
  • Glossy surface after fixing


  • Nail preparation as usual. Cuticle lifting with a skin lifting scraper. Filing and fluffing the nail using a fine-grained buffer or fluffing file. Make the entire nail surface matte! Dust removal with a dusting brush.
  • Using HEMA FREE Prep nail preparation liquid. This is 4 in one: water-absorbing, degreasing, disinfecting and anti-fungal. (For heavily stressed nails, if necessary, use Hema Free Primer to promote adhesion. This product provides strong adhesion to the nail, but it will dissolve much less when removed. Therefore, this step can be omitted)
  • Applying Hema Free Base Gel soluble gel polish base. Bonding: 1 minute in an LED lamp, 3 minutes in a UV lamp. (Or use a PEEL OFF BASE removable base)
  • Apply and set the HEMA FREE gel polish in the usual way under a UV/LED lamp.
    Applying Hema Free Top Gel light gel, setting in LED lamp for 1-1.5 minutes, in UV lamp for 3 minutes
    Wiping the surface of gel polish with Gel Cleanser gel fixative, removing the sticky layer.


  • Always grate the light gel from the gel polish with a file with a coarser grain. (IMPORTANT: the light gel does not dissolve!) The nails must be soaked in gel polish release liquid. It dissolves best when wrapped in a special release film. Use a leather scraper or an orange stick to remove the dissolved gel polish remains. Polishing the nail surface using a fine grain buffer.
  • The gel polish is much easier to dissolve if we did not use Hema Free Primer adhesion promoter, only Hema Free Prep nail preparation!


The Perfect Nails Hema-free product line has a separate Hema-free preparation (HEMA FREE PREP, HEMA FREE PRIMER), base (HEMA FREE BASE GEL/HEMA FREE PEEL OFF BASE), gel polish system and top (HEMA FREE TOP), the completely vegan and Hema for exemption. The great advantage of Hema-free gel polishes is that they dissolve particularly quickly and well, and their color coverage is perfect. By using the entire Hema-free gel polish family together, the likelihood of allergies can be reduced to a minimum for both the nail technician and the guest. Suitable for both professional salon work and home nail care! Get them all!

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HEMA FREE Lightening gel
HEMA FREE Fényzselé

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