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Self-adhesive curlers 12 pcs/pack

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Product description

Product description:

The self-adhesive hair curler is an easy-to-use and practical tool for hair styling. The design of the twister allows you to easily and safely fix the hair without the need for hairpins or elastic bands. The self-adhesive surface allows the curler to easily stick to the hair and not slip, making hair styling easier and more efficient.

User's Guide:

  1. Wash the hair and wipe it dry.
  2. Separate the hair and take out the curlers.
  3. Place the curlers in the desired place on the hair and make sure they stick well.
  4. Thanks to the self-adhesive surface, there is no need for hairpins or elastics, so you can simply use hair curlers to style your hair.
  5. When using hair curlers, it is important to carefully wind the hair around the curler to make sure it is secured.
  6. You can even leave the curlers in the hair overnight so that the hair is nicely shaped, and then carefully remove them from the hair in the morning.
  7. Cleaning the self-adhesive curlers is easy: simply wash them with warm soapy water and let them air dry.

Important note:

Self-adhesive curlers are easy and effective to use, but it is important to place them correctly on the hair and wrap them thoroughly around the hair. When using curlers, consider the type and thickness of your hair to achieve the best results. If any irritation or discomfort occurs when using the curlers, stop using them immediately.

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Self-adhesive curlers 12 pcs/pack
Öntapadós hajcsavaró 12db/csomag
Öntapadós hajcsavaró 12db/csomag
Öntapadós hajcsavaró 12db/csomag
Self-adhesive curlers 12 pcs/pack
Self-adhesive curlers 12 pcs/pack
Self-adhesive curlers 12 pcs/pack
Self-adhesive curlers 12 pcs/pack

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