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Crystal Nails


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Color – Milky white

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    Sens By Crystal Nails

    milky white shade

    The latest milky, softly pigmented collection of the SENS '3G Polish' (gel polish) product line has been labeled MILKY, as it consists of a non -yellowing milky white and a soft, feminine pink shade . There are two gel polishes each from the colors White and Rose. Milky 1 represents lighter pigmentation, and 2 represents stronger pigmentation, but still the Milky effect.

    Curing times : 1-2 minutes in LED, 2-3 minutes in UV/LED.

    Nail art gel polishes with maximum pigmentation, tuned for (also) colored gel polish decoration

    Dense, highly pigmented, perfectly covering even in one layer, soluble 3-step CrystaLacs, specially developed for painting and decorating with gel varnishes . In 10 basic colors, which can be mixed with each other at will, so nail art patterns can be easily created using the desired shades. To dilute them, we recommend Sens by Crystal Nails '3G Polish' CLEAR .

    They can also be used on a solid surface, unlike the usual technique: we do not apply the material to the nail with a brush, but rather apply a small amount of material to the surface with "sweeping movements" in order to cover it with the given color in the thinnest possible layer. Due to their strong coverage, it is not necessary to apply them in two layers .

    Cure in a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in an LED for 1-2 minutes.

    We recommend tying them under a strong LED lamp, with a longer tying time per finger (this specifically applies to S007 black).

    THE SENSE OF NAIL ART The SENS brand is the trademark of a new nail product line that fills a gap, which everyone who wants to fulfill their creativity and self-expression in the completely new, special world of mainly Nail Art materials and tools should try.

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