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Baridez instrument disinfectant concentrate

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Product description

Use of preparation: health or cosmetic (e.g. hairdressing, pedicure, manicure, cosmetics, etc.)
suitable for spraying disinfection of smaller surfaces in the area, bactericidal
(MRSA), fungicidal, virucidal (HBV/HIV inactivating), tuberculocidal
cleaning agent, occupational agent and for residential users


ethanol, isopropanol, benzalkonium chloride


Fast disinfection of objects and surfaces

Antimicrobial spectrum

bactericidal (MRSA), fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal (HBV/HIV virus inactivating as well)

Concentration and exposure time

exposure time: 5 minutes
The preparation must be applied concentratedly, undiluted.
The surface to be disinfected or the tools to be cleaned must be sprayed in such a way that the disinfectant is completely spread and no untreated parts remain. The surface must be allowed to dry.

Where? When? How?

it can be used for spraying disinfection of smaller surfaces in the field of health care, as well as for disinfecting surfaces and tools in other areas (e.g. hairdressing, cosmetics, pedicures, manicures, etc.).

Fire hazard class

"B-II" (Fire and explosive hazard)

Packaging unit

250 ml spray bottle, 500 ml pump bottle, 1 l plastic bottle

Storage and shelf life

can be kept for 3 years in original, intact, unopened packaging, in a dry place at room temperature.

R phrases

R 10 Less flammable.
R 67 Vapors may cause drowsiness or dizziness


S 2 Keep out of the reach of children.
S 13 Keep away from food, drink and feed.
S 23 The resulting gas/fume/vapour/spray must not be inhaled.
S 25 Avoid contact with eyes.
S 46 If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately, show the container/packaging cover and the label to the doctor
S 56 The substance and its container must be taken to a hazardous or special waste collection point

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Baridez eszközfertőtlenítő koncentrátum / 2 méretben/ 250ml
Baridez eszközfertőtlenítő koncentrátum / 2 méretben/ 1000ml

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