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Crystal Nails

Crystal Nails No Limit UVLED Lamp

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    Crystal Nails


    Our long-awaited newest small UVLED device not only enchants you with its lightness and clean lines, but also with its incredibly practical design. Flexible, 360° adjustable stainless steel with his neck and with its completely open design it provides you with opportunities that were very difficult to implement without it, or that you didn't even think about.

    It keeps the adjusted head and neck position fixed, and the device does not move with its weighted sole. With its powerful small UVLED burner, it is excellent for lightning bonding raw materials, for which the device was really designed.

    For which techniques do we recommend it?

    For all techniques where it is important that the applied material does not move. Be that as it may TIP, decorative you are about technology about any new future technology, raw material, the range of possibilities is endless, e.g.: Reverse TIP, half Reverse TIP, Gel TIP, various decorative techniques, etc. It is not suitable for full binding of large surfaces and raw materials, as well as for bending. Especially for zip ties has been designed to completely bind the device, not the materials.

    So how do you use it?

    When you reach the selected material, tie it in the new NOLIMIT UVLED lamp for the desired time, then when the material no longer moves, put it in your desktop closed UVLED lamp for complete binding.

    What else do you know?

    With its tiny size it only takes up a small amount of space on the table, and for traveling and further training it is enough to fold it up and even put it in a small bag fits easily . Thanks to its battery wirelessly can also be used comfortably for up to 2 hours so that you can be even more mobile with it. With its completely open design from any angle the head part can be accessed, so even with two-handed techniques or tools working with him is child's play . Feel free to try it.

    An excellent choice for medium-intensity, everyday use.

    Who do we recommend? It is a medium-intensity device designed for everyday use, so it can withstand medium use in the long term. An excellent choice for both beginners and experienced professionals.


    • Power: max. 10W
    • Low performance
    • UVLED burner: 1 pc
    • Light wavelength: 365+405nm
    • Control: Push button
    • Timing: 60 seconds and continuous operation
    • Charging time: max. 1.5 hours
    • Operating time: max. 2 hours (without wires, when fully charged)
    • Other extras: 360° flexible neck, wireless use.
    • Accessories: USB-C cable.

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    Manual Guide (EN)

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      No Limit UVLED Lámpa
      Crystal Nails No Limit UVLED Lamp

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