Want to make a little makeover? Instead of reaching for scissors and trying to cut hair, why not reach for a nail file instead? We have selected the best nail shapes and give you some tips to help you choose.

The world has more nail shapes than we have fingers, but we will help you choose the right shape for your nails so that you can really enjoy your perfect manicure. Before we get started, take a good look at your hands. In order to shape your nails advantageously, you need to find the most suitable nail shape for your hand, which determines the shape of your nail bed and nails. Simply push back your nail bed with a cuticle pusher so you can see the shape of the actual nail bed, then get started. Start formatting by filing the pages and narrowing them down a bit. Depending on the shape you want to achieve, you can narrow more or less. For best results, file in one direction to minimize fraying of the nail. Once you're done with the sides, start refining the nail tip to achieve the final shape.

Round nails Round nails.

This shape elongates the fingers and makes them look slimmer. Round nails also make wider nail beds look thinner. Start by filing following the natural shape of the upper part of the nail. Then turn your hands over and check the symmetry of the curve.

Oval nails Oval nails.

This fashion show favorite stretches the nails both in width and length. This is similar to the almond shape, but slightly blunter. File both sides of the nail and bend the file slightly towards the center line of the nail to create an egg shape.

Almond nails Almond nails.

Narrow at the sides and thin at the base, this is an instantly preferred shape. File both sides of the nail and shape the tip by narrowing the free edge to create a tip.

Square nails Square nails.

If you have long, narrow nail beds and you like short lengths, this shape is for you. Do you need extra length? Acrylic fans can rejoice, as long square nails provide the perfect basis for trendy colors and nail decorations. Achieve this shape by filing in a straight line on the free edge.

Universal square nails Universal shape square nails.

The universal shape looks good on everyone! This nail shape that favors everyone looks good on both short and long fingers. Half oval and half square, this shape is easy to maintain on short nails. Start filing in a straight line, then round the corners in a long stroke, connecting the free edge. Turn your hands and adjust as needed.

Stiletto nails Stiletto nails.

This is a shape made for long nails (recommended for acrylic nails) and ends with a pointed tip. This is similar to the almond shape, but more pointed. Find the center of the tip of the nail, then form both sides towards the tip of the nail with a slight decrease. Then start shaping the tip by narrowing the free edge to create a tip.

Ballerina nails for acrylic fans For acrylic fans

This shape requires salon maintenance. Long, thin and checkered at the tip, it suits long, thin fingers and angular nail beds. It is called a ballet shoe nail, as its tip resembles a pointy shoe.

Influencer lipstick nails The influencer

Lipstick nails. Be a trendsetter! Like your favorite shade of lipstick, this square nail style slopes diagonally for a truly unique shape.

The diva nail The Diva

Long square nails. If you have long, narrow nail beds and prefer long or acrylic nails, this shape is for you. Trendy shades and nail decorations, such as the ombre effect, look good on long square nails. You can achieve this shape by filing the free edge in a straight line and parallel to the side walls. It's also ideal for filing into other shapes if you want to switch to something else.

Source: opi.com

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