In the warm season, nails also need special attention and care to stay healthy and beautiful while you enjoy the sunshine and freedom. So, let's see how you can keep your nails in shape in the summer heat!

1. Short and Fresh Nails: In hot weather, our nails are more prone to chipping and drying. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the end of the nail short. In addition, it is worth doing a gentle nail care once a week: clean your nails, file them and reshape them to the desired length. Simple nail care helps to prevent nail problems and helps to ensure that your nails are always well-groomed and tidy.

2. Hydration: Hydration is essential in the summer heat, not only for our skin, but also for our nails. Use a nail protection oil regularly, which helps keep the nail hydrated and flexible. With this, you can also prevent the nail from splitting and the nail bed from drying out.

3. Sunscreen Nail Polish: Yes, your nails need sun protection too! Strong sun rays can damage the nail surface, and colored nail polishes can fade over time. Use a nail polish that contains UV protection, so you can protect your nails from the harmful effects of the sun and your nail polish will last longer.

4. Refreshing Nail Exercise: Nail care is not only about taking care of the outside, but also taking care of the inside. For the health of the nail bed, it is important to ventilate and get fresh air. If you can, let your nails breathe for a few hours and don't use nail polish every day. Such a refreshing "nail workout" helps to keep your nails strong and flexible.

5. Beach-Friendly Nails: If you are going to the beach, choose long-lasting nail polish. This helps your nails resist the harmful effects of salt and sand, and also prevents colored varnishes from fading.

6. Healthy Lifestyle: Don't forget that in addition to nail care, a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for your beautiful nails. Drink enough water, eat a balanced diet, and use protective gloves when doing housework to prevent damage to your nails.

We hope that these tips will help you to keep your nails shiny and healthy in the summer heat. So you can confidently prepare for the beach or any summer adventure, knowing that your nails will also look amazing!

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