Spring is here soon, and in terms of our new products, we have prepared exciting Perfect Nails products this time as well. Brand new, bright shade HEMA FREE gel polishes, Color Rubber Base Gels in pastel shades, and the colors of our Red Classics and Black & White Duo sets are also available in 4 ml packages. Sounds great, right?

HEMA FREE Gel Lacquers

Add some fun to your nails too! The newest members of our HEMA-free gel polish family have arrived in 11 new, bright colors! They can be a solution for nail technicians struggling with eczema and allergies and their guests, and are suitable for salon work and home use. Which lively, vibrant shade should not be missing from your collection?

Color Rubber Base Gel - Colored base gels

The base that never lets you down! If you also think that the Color Rubber Base Gels are still not enough, we have brought you the minimalist, pastel, milky shades of the colored base gels! Do you want to make the color change even faster? Next time, it will be enough to file the surface back to the clear layer if you apply a layer of Builder Rubber Base Gel under the color. Get it among the first!


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