In autumn, not only the color of our clothes changes, but also that of our nails. However, this does not mean that you only have to stick to the traditional, well-used shades every year. The autumn fashion trends appear in our two breathtaking, incomparably sexy collections. Their pieces are showy on their own, but they can complement each other perfectly. What exciting color combination would you make of them?

Miss Bonbon and Mr Bonbon

Our most beautiful autumn colors were inspired by the tastiest candies, it's no coincidence that you can almost taste them in your mouth when you work with them. Of course, the burgundy shade cannot be missing from the set, which is one of the most magical colors of autumn. It is suitable for more relaxed weekdays, but it is also a great choice for special occasions. Look for this incomparably beautiful color with us under the name Mon Chéri gel polish +014!

In addition to creamy white, light brown colors also conquer in autumn. They are extremely elegant on their own, but of course you can spice them up with some kind of nail print or nail sticker. With such wonderful colors as Soft Caramel +099 gel polish and Cocoa Trüffle +082 gel polish, it's impossible to touch them, just choose from them. Does your guest prefer a dark brown shade? Apply our Crunchy Roll +102 gel polish with a fancy name to your nails, with which you can remove it from your feet in a minute.

Experiment with combining the colors of the collections!

If your guests ask you to dazzle them with a really trendy autumn manicure, take out our Miss Bonbon or Mr Bonbon gel polish set and the creation can begin. Although these shades look amazing on their own, let your imagination run free, because they can also be combined perfectly with each other. Get inspired by our ideas and experiment with courage!

Is your guest a fan of nature? You can boldly reach for nude colors in every season. Our gel polish with the fancy name Frosted Almond +073 looks wonderful on the nails. Want to make it a little more special? Combine it with darker shades and the end result will be truly seductive. In addition to burgundy, you can also brighten up your nails with, for example, our black gel polish called Dark Desire +038.

Even in autumn, you can't give up the favorite of many, pink? Don't worry, because you don't have to! Choose our color called Raspberry Crush +085, which is fabulous on its own, but combined with a lighter, cooler-toned shade like Ivory Cream +081 is a particularly eye-catching sight.

The purple color is wonderful, and you can decorate your guests' nails in many exciting shades. We tried to please everyone, and for our latest collection we also dreamed up a darker, Parfé +013 and a lighter, imaginatively named Milka Waffle +104 gel polish color. They look beautiful on their own, but you can combine them with each other for more adventurous guests. Men will also love this pairing on ladies!

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