Problémás körmök, amelyek nehézséget okoznak. Milyen technika javasolt?

Problem nails that cause difficulty. What technique is recommended?

There are several cases that are not too difficult for the guests, which they do not think are dangerous, but the specialist has to gather his knowledge in order to solve the task.

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Perfect Nails Color Rubber Base Gel

Dazzle your guests with the latest trend colors!

Spring is here soon, and in terms of our new products, we have prepared exciting Perfect Nails products this time as well. Brand new, bright shade HEMA FREE gel polishes , Color Rubber Base Gels in pastel shades, and the colors of our Red Classics and Black & White Duo sets are also available in 4 ml packages. Sounds great, right?

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Zselé, porcelán vagy acrylgel? Melyiket válasszam?

Gel, porcelain or acrylic? Which one should I choose?

As professionals, we are often asked which material should be chosen, and there is no good answer, more precisely the correct answer is that it depends... but on what?

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Tegyük rendbe a fedőket – Az összes Top gél egyszerű, egy-egy mondatos bemutatása

Let's put the lids in order - A simple, one-sentence presentation of all Top gels

You've already felt that it's a lot top gel can't choose between and get lost in the range? Let's sort out the main differences!

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HEMA MENTES Gél Lakk Rendszer - HEMA, DI-HEMA, TPO mentes, VEGÁN és Állatkísérlet-mentes

Perfect Nails HEMA FREE Gel Lacquer System - HEMA, DI-HEMA, TPO free, VEGAN and Animal free!

  • To minimize irritation and allergies

The new "HEMA-free" gel polish family is made without 19 additional irritating additives, so even people with allergies can use gel polish and long-lasting gel polish.

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Körmös Trendek – 2023 Ősz

Nail Trends - Fall 2023

The fall-winter fashion colors have already appeared on the catwalks, replacing the cheerful summer shades. Classic black and white takes center stage, but colors like red and yellow ensure that you don't have to give up brighter shades when the cooler weather arrives.

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Milyen bőrtípushoz milyen körömágyszínek illenek építéskor?

Which nail bed colors are suitable for which skin type during construction?

Guests often ask for our help in choosing the nail bed extension color that best matches their skin tone.

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Csiszolófejek – Különbségek, tisztán tartása, lépésről lépésre melyiket használd

Sanding heads - Differences, keeping them clean, step by step which one to use

Sanding heads are a huge help in our work, but since there are so many different types, it's easy to get lost among them, which one is for what, how to use and clean them - let's take them one by one.

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Perfect Nails Coral Gél Lakk szett

Favorite colors of the tropics

Everyone deserves a break during the summer, and perhaps there is no more wonderful vacation spot than an idyllic tropical resort. You have to find a way to travel, namely with beautiful nails that can withstand the beach. Let's see which Perfect Nails color suits which popular destination the best!

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