Ismerd meg a 2023/24 Téli Extra Crystal Nails Kollekciót

Get to know the 2023/24 Winter Extra Crystal Nails Collection!

With the holiday season approaching, it's time to update your nail style with the latest winter trends. Crystal Nails is now presenting its latest winter products that are guaranteed to enchant you.

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A műkörmös szakma innovációjával egyidejűleg előtérbe került az egyre körültekintőbb és aprólékosabb előkészítési eljárás.

Crystal Nails dedusting

Simultaneously with the innovation of the artificial nail profession, the increasingly careful and meticulous preparation procedure came to the fore. For this reason, finer dust is generated in each innovative work phase, which, although it is clearly visible to the eye, many people do not pay enough attention to dust removal.

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