A műkörmös szakma innovációjával egyidejűleg előtérbe került az egyre körültekintőbb és aprólékosabb előkészítési eljárás.

Crystal Nails dedusting

Simultaneously with the innovation of the artificial nail profession, the increasingly careful and meticulous preparation procedure came to the fore. For this reason, finer dust is generated in each innovative work phase, which, although it is clearly visible to the eye, many people do not pay enough attention to dust removal.

A false assumption is that a single type of dust removal brush is enough for a nail technician to remove dust from dusty surfaces. If the incorrect fixing is accompanied by a poorly chosen dust removal brush, the work done by our hands is already doomed to recurring series of ugly faces. Innumerable unexplained aeration or material separation is caused by poor and insufficient dust removal.
The artificial nail profession is basically dusty, but neither the artificial nail technician nor the guest need to be dusty during each completed job. The very first thing we do in the fight against dust is to get a vacuum cleaner. It can be desktop, possibly with several fans, or it can be installed in the top of our table. Both versions can be suitable, here only your circumstances will help you decide which one to choose. The finest leather-covered hoods with armrests, designed in different colors, are not only elegant, but also fulfill two functions at the same time: hood and armrest in one.

Don't forget to regularly empty the dust bag and replace it as needed, because if you don't do this, it's practically as if you don't have an extractor. Without a vacuum cleaner, this profession cannot be done well in the long term, even if you use a mask. Your guest will also prefer to sit down with a manicurist who does not have to leave with clothes dusty to his ears.
Part of the dust formed during material removal lands in your extractor, but you must remove even the smallest dust particles from the surface of the nail for successful preparation and adhesion. The particles of nail powder are of different sizes, so it is almost impossible to completely remove them from skin folds with a single brush. After the manual brush, use a mechanical dust removal head, which also has two functions. On the one hand, you can use it to clean material residues from the grooves of your carbide heads, and on the other hand, when used at a low speed, it removes dust from under skin folds. Afterwards, the remaining micro-powder is wiped off with the Cleanser Pad developed for this purpose. Carry out the deletion carefully and thoroughly in the ramparts.

After dust removal, the finished surface must be completely dry, grease-free and dust-free. For perfect dust removal, a precise nail technician has several tools, depending on the type of material and the removal head. The really fine dust is created by the diamond heads, so flawless preparation nowadays cannot be solved without various dust removal brushes, heads and wipes.

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