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Regardless of whether you're preparing for a wedding in seven countries or a big family gathering, or even if you're not getting ready to get married, you're just gathering inspiration as a manicurist, you should read on.

The spring-summer wedding season is upon us, when all eyes are on the newlyweds. Especially for brides, who like to be the center of attention anyway. It is no different on that particular big day, when they try to draw attention to themselves with their perfect appearance. Having the wedding dress of your dreams is half the battle, but you should also pay attention to the details. Wedding makeup, hairstyle and, of course, manicure are just as important, so here are some trendy wedding manicure tips.


  • You can't go wrong with a French manicure.
    It is an eternal classic of wedding nail trends, deservedly so, as it provides an elegant, yet solid appearance at the same time. Its popularity has been unbroken for many years among brides and manicurists alike.
  • French manicure supercharged.
    For those who still want more than a restrained French manicure, we recommend that you feel free to experiment with various nail decorations, such as solutions with sparkling rhinestones. There are actually no set rules for decorating French manicures, because the overall effect will be lavish even with minimal decorations. With rhinestones, pearls, sequins and sparkling nail polishes, even a simpler manicure can be made crazy at any time.
Babyboomer for lovers of color transitions
A more modern, slightly more extravagant alternative to the French manicure is the baby boomer. It is one of the most requested techniques among artificial nails, because with its endless variations, everyone can find a color transition that fits their individuality and style well.
    Shorter nail shapes with a natural effect
    Although tent roof-shaped wedding nails were popular for a long time, they have now faded into the background, and more natural nail shapes have taken their place. Almond, slightly rounded or oval nails, angular shapes are not only more practical than extra long nails, but also look better on the big day.
      Conquering nude shades
      Adherents of simplicity and a clean look vote for nude nail polishes, including the more romantic and feminine gel polish shades. White, pink and beige colors are great favorites and go well with the other tones of the wedding color palette.

        Minimalist patterns
        Those who are not up for eye-catching nail decorations can choose, in the spirit of minimalism, to paint small, barely noticeable patterns on their completely puritanical nails, such as bows, hearts or a tiny flower.

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