It was no different with us, so our latest gel polish set with the fantasy name Future Sporty was inspired by the neon-colored sportswear seen at the spring-summer fashion week.


You can like neon colors or not, one thing is for sure, on sultry summer days even those who are averse to such gaudy shades like to try one or two neon accessories. And why wouldn't the coolest summer accessory be a wonderful, attention-grabbing summer manicure or pedicure crazy with neon colors? Neon colors are so popular in the summer because these bohemian shades go well with the season's swimwear fashion, and they add a twist and uniqueness to even the most restrained style. A plus point for neon colors is that evenly, beautifully tanned skin only highlights these loud shades even more.

Source: Perfect Nails

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Arany hullámok esküvőre. OPI

Arany hullámos körömdíszítés esküvőre.

Az esküvőd napján minden apró részlet számít, és a körmeid sem kivételek. Ha olyan minimalista körömdíszítést keresel, ami kiemeli az aranyat a jegygyűrűdben és a csillogást a szemedben, akkor az arany hullámok tökéletes választás lehet számodra.

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Frissített Design és Gyorsaság: Újdonságok a Nail Shop Webáruházba

Updated Design and Speed

We are happy to inform you that our Nail Shop online store has undergone a design update, which meets the expectations of the year 2024 in all respects, and has even become faster. The menu system has also undergone a transformation, it has become even more transparent and easier to use.

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Problem nails that cause difficulty. What technique is recommended?

There are several cases that are not too difficult for the guests, which they do not think are dangerous, but the specialist has to gather his knowledge in order to solve the task.

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Canni hema free gel

Canni and Venalisa are artificial nail base material brands!

We are pleased to announce that the Canni and Venalisa artificial nail base material brands are now available in our online store!

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