Do you like to be the center of attention? With our newest Celebration Gel Lacquer Set, which includes the main colors of Christmas and New Year's Eve in one set - with the latter creating a real "party feeling" - you can't go wrong! Our nail polish set contains multisize glitters, that is, it ensures that the end result is really special by playing together small and large glitters.

Celebration gel polish set


LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Mistletoe X100 - Celebration

Would you like to deviate from the classic red Christmas nails? If your guest is a lover of understated manicures, choose this beautiful burgundy-bronze gel polish, which looks great on its own thanks to its sparkling effects. If you choose a single-colored varnish for the other fingers, the end result will be really eye-catching.

LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Midnight Kiss X101 - Celebration

The color blue radiates calmness, making it a perfect choice for an intimate holiday season. In autumn and winter, we reach for increasingly darker shades, which you can make even more special with some silver and white. Choose boldly and enchant your guests too! Do you already have an idea of ​​what nail decoration technique you will choose to go with it?

LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Ho Ho Ho X102 - Celebration

In addition to gold and red, green is also the color of Christmas, yet relatively few people choose it on their nails. Are you an experimenter and would like to try it out? Choose the extremely elegant emerald green shade of our artificial nail set, which you can make even more special if you choose gold varnish for the other fingers. Wear it confidently on your nails and pocket the compliments!

LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - New Year's Eve X103 - Celebration

Lovers of the color red are happy to turn to darker, slightly deeper shades in autumn. We would like to treat them with this burgundy-tinged, wonderful shade of gel polish, which is an excellent choice even for the holidays. This beautiful, glittery nail polish stands up well on its own, no nail decoration is necessary.

LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer - Just Be Claus X104 - Celebration

Purple is one of the most special colors, yet many people shy away from it. Aren't you a big fan of purple too? You should make an exception: be bold and choose boldly, because this really wild, bright purple gel polish is guaranteed to attract attention. Admit that you can't resist him either!

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