You've already felt that it's a lot top gel can't choose between and get lost in the range? Let's sort out the main differences!


  • LacGel Base/Top: base and topcoat in one, fixable, suitable for all artificial nails and gel polish due to its flexibility.
  • Flexi Top Gloss: thin, fixable, flexible gloss, especially recommended for the surface of chrome powders.
  • Nail Art Top Gel: extra dense, slightly flexible, fixable gloss, recommended for uneven surfaces, for covering built-in decorations.
  • Extreme Gloss Top Coat Gel: It is dense, shape-retaining, non-fixing and does not contain color enhancers, so it is also recommended for dark colors.
  • LaQ X Gloss Gel - Glossy Top: It has a medium consistency, is flexible, non-fixing, and contains a very mild color enhancer, so it is also ideal for gel polish and all colors.
  • Cool Shine Ever Top Coat Gel: It is thin, quick to spread, non-fixing, very flexible and contains a bluish-purple color enhancer, so it is especially recommended for neon colors and French.
  • Velvet Matt Top Gel Extra: gives a medium texture, velvety matte surface, non-fixing, flexible.
  • Top Gel: thin, non-fixing, high-gloss top gel, inflexible, therefore cannot be used for gel polish.
  • No Cleanse Top Shield: It is thin, non-fixing, slightly flexible, and contains a bluish color enhancer, which is why it is recommended for the surface of artificial nails, especially neon and white colors.
  • Speed ​​& Shine Top Coat Gel: medium texture, non-fixing, high gloss, slightly flexible top gel, does not contain color enhancer, so it is recommended primarily for artificial nails, on top of dark and warm colors.

Taking into account the main properties, it is worthwhile to select a few lights with different properties and use them depending on which properties and functions we need.

Cover and light gel comparison table

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