Töredező, lemezes körmök? Így erősítsd meg egy életre!

Brittle, flaky nails? This is how you strengthen it for life!

We know many types of powder during our work, but Hardener powder is a multifunctional additional material that everyone can use perfectly in their work. What will it help you with?

Extra strong adhesion

The Hardener powder sinks to the bottom of the gel layer, thus creating a special, strong bond between the nail plate and the gel, thus resulting in super strong adhesion even on problematic, peeling nails.

A strong, break-resistant nail

The Hardener powder forms a stronger structure in the gel, thus the finished nail will be stronger, harder, less flexible, so even weak nails prone to breaking and bending can last for several weeks.

Thicker texture

By mixing the Hardener powder into a gel, its texture can be thickened, so gels that are more liquid or become more liquid when warm will flow less and keep their shape better, so you can create a higher, more beautiful C-curve.

Lightning fast ombre

The Hardener powder forms a drier, rustic surface on the surface, on which the gel varnishes can be easily and quickly washed away, thus creating a wonderfully beautiful ombre of the same color with even 1 layer of varnish gel.

Ombre Fusion gel polish set

What material can you use it with?

Hardener powder can be used with building gels (such as Cool Protein Gel, Extreme Whitening gel, Build&Fill gel), foundation gel (such as Bond Gel, Hardener Gel) or brushable building gels (such as Elastic gel, Fiber gel).

How to use it?

  • Sprinkle the Hardener powder into the applied gel even before tying, even in 2-3 passes, while you can constantly check how much powder the gel absorbs. After knitting, remove excess dust with a soft brush.
  • Mix the Hardener powder with the selected gel, so you can create the right density for you.
  • Make a thin base layer with foundation gel, sprinkle the Hardener powder thinly before bonding. After bonding, remove excess powder with a soft brush, then apply the first color of gel polish, wash the surface with an Ombre brush. Before tying, lightly sprinkle Hardener powder, after tying, remove excess powder with a soft brush. Repeat with the other selected colors. After applying the last color, cover the nail with 2 layers of light gel, set the first layer for a maximum of 15 seconds, set the second layer completely.

The Hardener powder is therefore extremely versatile and can be used to help us during our daily work or even during competitions. In the first place among the Russians! in our article you can read about two new milky white building gels, which, like the Hardener powder, can also be used in many ways.

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