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Phosphorescent gel varnish - light blue #632

1.740 Ft
5 ml

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Moonbasa Nails Phosphorescent Gel Lacquer

Moonbasa Nails luminous gel polish has arrived, stand out from the crowd, shine in the night!

The favorite of those who like night parties has finally arrived! With phosphorescent gel polishes , not only the dance floor but also you and your nail art can be the center of attention!

Phosphorescent gel polishes in popular colors create an extremely spectacular lighting effect for the wearer in a dark room or where there is only limited lighting.

Just imagine how you are sipping your drink at a nightclub and you can draw the attention of the selected guy to you in an instant, because your phosphorescent gel nail decoration will immediately attract attention. :)

Phosphorescent gel polishes combine all the advantages of Moonbasanails gel polishes, as they are extremely easy to make and their durability is amazing! They can shine brightly on your nails without chipping for up to 3 weeks. In addition, phosphorescent gel polishes add one more thing to the previous ones, and this, in its more scientific name, is none other than luminescence. This is a way of emitting light that does not involve the production of heat.

How to use Phosphorescent gel polishes?

As we wrote above, the use of phosphorescent gel polishes is as simple and easy to prepare as any gel polish. Phosphorescent gel polishes are also cured under the light of a UV lamp, just like their predecessors. You can also safely use UV LED lamps, as Phosphorescent gel varnishes also set perfectly under the light of UV LED lamps, in as little as 30 seconds. Always make sure that you keep the curing time according to the power of your lamp!

1. After you have perfectly prepared your nails (exfoliating, fluffing, dusting), be sure to use Nail prep. This preparation liquid degreases and helps improve adhesion.

2. Apply a thin layer of Bonder. Bonder is a kind of adhesive material that acts as a "double-sided adhesive". Let Bonder set under the light of the UV lamp, depending on the power of your lamp.

3. The first layer of phosphorescent gel polish can now be applied! It is advisable to apply the first layer thinly. Don't worry if it doesn't cover perfectly here and there, because you will need to apply another layer. After applying the first layer, make sure that the material has not come into contact with your skin. If you do, you can remove it using an Orange stick before tying.

4. The first layer can be bonded under the light of a UV lamp. Always adhere to the curing time of your lamp's power, so that a lasting and beautiful result can be achieved.

5. You can apply the second layer a little thicker. Then tie this under the light of your UV lamp.

6. And finally, to make your nail decoration last and even more shiny, use a layer of Shine Gel (it is advisable to choose Removable Shine Gel without fixation). You also need to set the Fénygel in your UV lamp. After the tying time is over, you are practically ready, as your latest party nail decoration is ready!

In order to make the Phosphorescent gel varnishes as spectacular as possible, it is advisable to "top up" them. This means being close to the light of sunlight or an ordinary lamp for a few seconds. Like any other phosphorescent object, Phosphorescent gel varnish can only emit the amount of light stored in this way for a certain period of time. (This means 10-20 minutes on average for Moonbasanails Phosphorescent gel polishes.)

The greater the light effect and the longer the gel polish is exposed to, the brighter it will shine and light up in the dark.

Store Phosphorescent gel polishes in a dry, cool place, protected from sunlight and carefully away from small children!

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