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Ledextreme Mini UV/Led Lamp

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    Our newest device is the first of our UVLED lamps that has a built-in fan function.

    The low-noise fan cools both the guest's hands and the UVLED burners, thus increasing the lifetime of the burners, as well as excellent help in solidifying air-drying materials. With its clean, snow-white exterior and internal mirror surface, it not only takes up little space on the table , but also guarantees fast and safe binding of raw materials. Pedicures and maintenance are not an obstacle either, thanks to the easily removable, magnetically attached lower mirror panel .

    What else do you know? Digital display on the back, motion detection function, 4 types of timing , touch buttons and reliable performance.


    • Power: max. 36W
    • UVLED burner: 21 pcs
    • Light wavelength: 365+405nm
    • Control: touch buttons and motion sensor
    • Timing: 10/30/60s and 99s
    • Other extras: fan, digital display
    • Accessories: mains adapter

    Thus, our latest small lamp is not only practical, but also has many useful functions. It was designed for medium use.

    Feel free to try it!

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    Ledextreme Mini UV/Led Lámpa

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