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XTREME SUPERIOR GEL - NATURAL PINK - Natural pink / 5 ml A terméket megrendeljük, és azonnal kiszállítjuk, amint beérkezik a raktárba.

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The 2022 version of Xtreme Superior Natural Pink, which returns with a renewed and improved formula, has a slightly thicker texture than before, so the material keeps its shape better during application even in high heat, and at the same time spreads nicely on the surface.

Compared to the previous version, the new shade is a slightly pinker, warmer, more vibrant shade, so it matches the skin tone and nail bed color of most guests even more.

In summer, many people like the contrast provided by sun-kissed skin and light nail color, and this effect can be easily achieved with this version. And in the winter months, this shade easily adapts to lighter skin, giving it a solid, natural look. It matches the color of the natural nail perfectly, and is not noticeable when it grows out. It is especially recommended for those who are less fond of gels with a brownish or purple tone.

New-generation construction gel family, which can also be used perfectly for filing-free technique . Natural Pink is a natural shade with beautiful coverage, which can be used perfectly on its own or as a French foundation. For proper adhesion, apply foundation gel underneath.

A material with a low heat generation formula , which sets at a lower temperature. Medium-density , easy-to-use Xtreme construction gel, which ensures a fast work pace. Super strong, flexible, yet easy to grate . It can be used to create both short and long nails.

Application with a softer brush is recommended: 6 Gel brush, Xtreme Gel brush, Nero Merlo II. brush.

Complete curing in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes.

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