Everyone deserves a break during the summer, and perhaps there is no more wonderful vacation spot than an idyllic tropical resort. You have to find a way to travel, namely with beautiful nails that can withstand the beach. Let's see which Perfect Nails color suits which popular destination the best!

Bahamas - a paradise for divers

People travel to the tropical resort located on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean for several reasons - primarily for the pleasant, warm climate, the beauty and accessibility of the beaches, and the gastronomy based on seafood. It is excellent for diving and various water sports, for which we recommend our LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer 8ml - Deep Lake X120 - Lagoon gel polish, which evokes the wonderful shades of the sea.

Dominica - the jewel of the Caribbean

White sand beach, lush palm trees and stunning sunset? Punta Cana is the most visited beach in the area, surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. If your guest would like to go diving, to discover the fascinating world of the latter, you couldn't recommend anything better than LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer 8ml - Shrimp Cocktail X034 - Coral shade !

Seychelles - the most beautiful beaches

The remote paradise attracts tourists with its beautiful palm trees, lush green forests, white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean. Moreover, many people think that the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found here. If your guest visits here, the neon shade of LacGel LaQ X Gel Lacquer 8ml - Neon Kiwi X022 - It's Juicy will perfectly match the sunny, hot days.

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