One of the most unpleasant cases for the professional, which unfortunately happens quite often, is when the guest arrives late for the appointment. Regardless of whose fault it is, or whether it is anyone's fault at all, we try to find a solution with which our guest can leave happily, but at the same time, we must keep in mind that the delay does not affect the appointment of the next guest. Let's see what practices we have available for such cases:

Colored gel polish bases

In the case of a guest with gel polish, the application of the color after the base coat takes about a third of the service time, so in the event of a delay, we significantly speed up the process if we do not choose a gel polish color for the guest, but a colored gel polish base, which allows us to make a base layer in a single step, C -curve and color. The range of colors can't be said to be small: in addition to the many nude colors, we can find milky white, pastel colors such as pink, blue, purple, green, as well as effect effects enriched with small glitters. After lighting them, they only need to be covered with the flexible light gel, and the well-kept, durable gel varnish is ready.

Artificial nails made of cover materials

The situation is similar in the case of artificial nails, here too we can use nude-colored or glitter materials (for example Build&fill gels, Cool protein cover gels, Latte white gel, Milky white soft gel, Acrylgel Cover, Acrylgel Prime cover and glitter materials), which can be used to make the finished nail surface finely filed, there is no need for any other color, the application of the light gel creates a beautiful nail, thus saving approximately 20-25% of the time.

Reverse type

If you don't need filling, but construction, but you're short on time, then the reverse tip or acrylgel tip technique can be a great help, where we apply the material (acrylgel, porcelain or a thicker construction gel) to the inside of the tip, after bonding, the and the tip is removed from the surface of the nail, so we practically get a constructed nail, which can be used with the above-mentioned cover or glitter materials for an even faster process, so compared to normal construction, we can save up to 30-40% on the preparation time.

Full coverage tip

Also, in the event that our guest wants longer nails, but wants a selected color from among the gel polishes, we can confidently recommend the full coverage tips for speeding up, where you can choose from 4 types of shapes, and you can create strong, yet thin nails in seconds . After matting the surface of the tip, we only have to apply the selected color and the flexible cover, so we can prepare the nails in roughly a little more time than a gel polish.

Therefore, we do not need to despair even if the agreed time has already passed, but our guest has not yet arrived, because being smart and prepared for these cases, we can easily find a solution that our guest is satisfied with, and we will not slip into the next appointment either .

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