The market-conquering rubber base gel, or flexible, elastic brush base gel, has been present in the Perfect Nails portfolio for almost 7 years, and today we can even boast that its clear version, the ELASTIC HARD has become our trademarked product.

Why do we call it that?

We thought it important to make it clear to nail technicians in the name that the functions of the Rubber Base Gel, which has already become well-known in the industry, are the functions of our Elastic Gel product line, as well as the Elastic Hard, Elastic Cover, Elastic Color Base Gels also fully comply with current trends. In other words, it also works as a base layer, it perfectly fills the nail grooves, thereby providing a smooth surface, and our nail technicians absolutely love its bombproof adhesion. With its colored versions, certain steps of the reinforced gel varnish can be saved, by creating a C curve, you can create a bomb-proof nail with lightning speed, and they are even suitable for smaller constructions.

What is the difference between our favorite base gels? Read our article! Elastic vs. Fiber Base Gel, believe me, your guests will also choose quality and a secure foundation!

It is no coincidence that clear, cover and pink shades are at the top of our best seller list, which is why we thought it important that when you need this product, feel free to look for the members of our Elastic Base Gel product line, as they also belong to the Rubber Base Gel category.

Choose from our constantly expanding shades!

Source: Perfect Nails

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